I’ve spent the past four years in the process of creating a book which might express the words of my heart and soul. It’s contents are my travels for over the past twenty-five years within myself. It speaks of my path of healing for abuses I suffered as a child, but it is the voice of many that are committed to personal growth, self compassion and understanding. My words are authentic and raw. And it is with my words that I hope to inspire others on their on unique journeys.

My mind has given me many reasons to “close the book” but it is my soul that pulls me forward and asks me to stand tall. I can only have faith that what I’m about to share has a purpose for someone, somewhere. Who am I to deny them what might  be an offering of understanding, validation and truth? Not sharing my story might be an act of self preservation; but it is possible that it would also be quite selfish.

And so, I move tentatively forward and onward, but I am moving just the same.

Below is an excerpt from my memoir, Relentless, A Journey of Forgiveness; which is to be released within the next couple of weeks on Amazon. I hope you will join me again soon for my completed book and that which I have come to share.

I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be. In fact, while I admire the ability of those who can spin a spectacular tale, I don’t aspire to be that. If I bog my mind down with the rules of eloquent writing, I’ll lose my truth. And the truth is I’ve followed no road map to get me here as it’s often been my own private excursion, as a pioneer of my own landscape. No how-to manual was placed in my hands. There were no classes to take. I just took one step and then another, and so that’s how I’ll write, clear on my purpose and trusting that the path will be laid before me if I only have the courage to begin. What you now hold in your hands is the contents of the compartments of my life.

What are you being called to share, and will you too rise to the occasion?

Be well and happy.

Rising to the Occasion: Sharing My Story