No Pressure, No Diamonds.

Pressure is a motivating factor, but when there is too much this leads to feelings of stress. Stress doesn’t cause problems, it is your reaction to it that does. Positive stress is actually beneficial, creating a diamond. It enhances your focus and cues faster information retrieval. This helps you perform better on a test or during an interview. Negative stress or distress leads to feelings of hopelessness and second-guessing your abilities. You do not need to stress yourself out, instead set yourself up for success.

How to Relieve Stress

Don’t stress about things you cannot control. When you anticipate danger, your body automatically starts stress responses. To combat this, take a step back and change your mindset about the event. Instead of freaking yourself out for an interview, take three deep breaths to slow down your heartbeat. Remember that you can only do your best, and the rest is up to the hiring committee. There will always be more opportunities in the future.

If you are stressed about being a perfectionist, realize that there is no such thing as perfection. You can work as hard as you can, 24 hours per day for the rest of your life and you still would not be a ‘perfect person’. Release the stress in being perfect and the expectations that follow because perfection is subjective. Instead, just work to be the best version of yourself.


Some tools to reduce stress are controlled breathing, planning out your schedule, or exercising. Lifestyle changes such as eating cleaner, minimizing phone time, and reducing your caffeine intake can help your day- to-day and improve your mood. That not only benefits your mental wellbeing, but also the impact you have on other people.

People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There’s no dispute there, but every diamond needs some amount of pressure to form. Take the pressure and stress in your life and turn it into something positive. Stress is your reaction to obstacles so choose to shine bright.

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