You’ve heard this many times…that Timing is everything! It’s true when you start to plan ahead, find the best moment to give feedback to someone—or take time to reflect. You will need to use your senses and intuition to know when the ‘time is right’…

When you approach:

  • timing planning travel vacationPlanning—map out your calendar, by planning your vacations first!   Motivate yourself to get through the tough stuff—by looking forward to fun! Take time each week to review what you’ve accomplished and plan for the next. Enjoy the moment to breathe and pause. Check your energy flow. If you are tired, take a nap! Schedule ‘pool time’ to recharge. Use Nature’s cycles–the moon and seasons–to sense the best timing for planting new seeds, growing ideas, reaping the rewards and then, lying fallow.
  • timing is everything sharing people you lovePeople—share important news and give feedback to a colleague, client or mate, by being sensitive to their schedule and readiness. Read their body language and listen to their emotions. If they are in the midst of a hectic day, wait until the environment—and their blood pressure—have calmed. Literally ask, “Is this a good time to talk?” Honor the answer and make a ‘date’ if later is better. That allows for everyone to take a deep breath, focus attention and be more receptive to what you have to say.
  • timing is everything perspective reflection reflectPerspective —look back at a change you’ve made or a project you’ve led to give you valuable insights on what worked or what didn’t. In the midst of a change, we can’t predict whether it’s for the best—only in hindsight, can we assess its value. Take time to rock on the porch and reflect—think about how your day, week, month, year(s), have gone by. What have you learned? What would you do differently going forward? Journal or talk with a friend. My grandfather always told me ‘time will tell…”

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