As women we always have a lot going on in our lives. From holding down a top career, to maintaining friendships, to having a family, there is always something else to do. It’s important though, to feel good about yourself while you’re out there conquering the world. Sometimes you need to do things for yourself.

One way to both relax and make sure you feel your absolute best is to take care of your hair. Everyone feels better when their hair looks good and in fact, that’s not so difficult to achieve. If you’re wondering how to get shiny hair, here are our seven top tips.

  1. Condition regularly: Conditioning is absolutely vital when it comes to getting shiny hair. Whatever hair type you have make sure to condition regularly and do it well. Deep conditioners are very helpful here – apply post-shampoo for a glamourous, slinky feel.
  2. Eat right: We often forget how much what we consume affects our hair. Make sure to eat lots of vitamins and minerals to ensure good condition and shine.
  3. Focus on the ends: It’s the ends of strands that are often split and damaged leading to lifeless hair so don’t neglect this part. If you have afro hair, apply oil regularly to seal them.
  4. Get your hair cut regularly: It’s also important to cut off any split ends regularly. Make sure to go to the hairdresser at least once every six to eight weeks.
  5. Protect against the elements: Wind, sun and rain all take their toll on locks. Protect yours from the elements by covering hair in bad weather. Use silk-lined hats and wraps rather than cotton as this tends to cause more friction and therefore frizz.
  6. Avoid excessive heat: Applying heat to hair (e.g. with blow dries, curling tongs and straighteners) can weaken strands leading to breakage which in turn causes loss of shine. Opt for heat-free styling techniques most of the time and save your tongs for special occasions.
  7. Cut back on the dye: Likewise dyes often strip the hair of its natural oils leading to loss of gloss. Try not to dye your hair too often and when you do choose tones similar to your natural hue as these are likely to be less harsh.

Those are our top tips for how to get shiny hair that work whatever the hair type. By following this advice and practicing a bit of self-love you’ll make yourself feel great and also feel more confident to go out into the world to achieve your dreams.

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