Baby, I was born this way.  Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin is a lifelong process.  I guess we all feel a little different, not in with the “in-crowd”.  Like everybody else has their life together better than you do.  Girls, I am a Baby Boomer and it took me 45 years to finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

You’re not alone, we all feel different.  Read on for some bittersweet life lessons I wish I had learned earlier, ’cause, “Baby, I was born this way”!!


Here in the South, we have always known we are a little eccentric.  I’ve always known I had 2 different sides.  I was either super high energy Meg or low energy sleeping Meg.  Lots of my relatives could definitely be called, “Crazy Southerners”!

I like to think I put the FUN in dysFUNctional.  When my psychiatrist diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder, I was relieved.  It was as if the crazy jigsaw puzzle of my life suddenly came into focus.

I laugh at my crazy (manic) behavior often.  I take my meds on time and I am, sort of, almost like a normal functioning human being.


My Retired Navy husband of 21+ years, introduced me, without my consent, to crack cocaine.  I became instantly addicted for nine months.  He knew what he was doing, and sadly, it was the best nine months of our twenty-year marriage.  He had been into drugs since he was a teenager and I knew that.  I should have known better…

The Navy kept him clean and when he retired, his “mid-life crisis” wasn’t to have an affair with another blonde.  No, he turned back to drugs and wanted me to join his party.

I quit Crack after nine months while going from a Marilyn Monroe body type to a Nicole Richie body type weighing only 88 pounds.


I was born in Atlanta and my mother’s name is Dixie.  She has red hair, green eyes, freckles and white, white skin.  I used to feel that I wasn’t attractive enough to compete with the other white girls because I couldn’t get a tan.

To compensate I used self-tanner which of course, looked orange.  Since skin cancer runs in my family, I stayed out of the sun.  Remember this was the 1970’s when a suntan was expected for all girls who wanted to be beautiful.

Fast forward and I am now happily married to a Chinese American Doctor.  He raves about my lily-white skin and for the first time in 50 years of living, I feel comfortable in my own skin.  Because remember…


On December 16, we got hitched by an Elvis Impersonator in Las Vegas.  What a hoot and so much fun!  For our honeymoon night, we saw Lady GaGa in Vegas the same night she announced she would have a concert residency in Las Vegas for 2 years at 75 Million a year. Check out this article.

Lady GaGa, or Stefani as she was born, has motivated me to embrace my inner quirks- being BiPolar.  Lady GaGa has also motivated me to embrace my outer quirks–my glow in the dark, white, white skin.


I swear you can’t make this crazy stuff up!  My life has been so drama-filled that it is a Lifetime movie just waiting to happen.

Now, I want to share with you, my fellow girlfriends, some really important facts I have learned on my life journey.

  1. Like Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true”.
  2. Be comfortable in Your OWN skin.
  3. Just say No to Drugs.
  4. Don’t Sweat the Small Things


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash