Dear Fearless Travelers,

YEA Girls!! The Africa Safari for 2014 is SOLD OUT!! Thank you for being so fearless. I know that this trip is not for everyone as it is pretty rustic and adventurous to say the least. But it is a life changer and so close to my heart for the work we do there. I look forward to sharing this adventure with the fourteen excited people going in 2014. Just a note that for 2015 we are looking at going to Rwanda to see the Mountain Gorillas and then our regular safari after that breathtaking experience.

I know that I was teasing about going to the Antarctic, but that will be a trip that I am putting together for January of 2014. I thought it would be exciting to be there for New Year’s Eve and celebrate the new year on the bottom of the world. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can send you the information I have so far on the trip.

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While we are talking about putting together a trip. If any of you wonderfully fearless women have any destinations that you are interested in experiencing. I would love to know about that as well and maybe we can make your dream trip happen.

I did want to touch base on one thing. I actually mentioned it in my first blog and that is about deposits. I think that is one of the hardest concepts to over come in the travel business. Now that travel has been made more affordable deposits are imperative to hold your place on a trip. We are now being required to collect deposits as early as one year out from the trip. I know it is hard to imagine what a year from now will be like in your life, but if you don’t put down a deposit when required your life will be without the trip you had dreamed of.

I wanted to let you know that from this point on I will be a guest blogger. I think that is what it is called. I will not have a monthly blog for a while. It is for personal reasons. AND I am so very excited because I am about to become a first time grandmother . . . OF TWINS!!! I am over the moon as they are girls. My mother and I have been surrounded with men our whole lives and I cannot wait to have my girls. Of course I panicked when I realized I don’t know anything about girls, but I am about to learn. . .

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See you on the road, fearless travelers . . .