Let’s walk the uneven path

Watch the moonlight dip into the sea

The wind reminding me it’s okay to stir.


The leaves fall & lightening strikes

But roots grow deeper still.


The oasis I’ve found

Reminds me how small I must be.

Twigs break underneath

as I start to see


The restoration in me.


Breathe in breathe deep

Fresh air so clean.


Clouds clear my eyes

Swaying trees setting me free


The world out here

So better than in there


If only we stop

To stare, to think, to live, to dream.


Let go & begin

Like rapids of the springs

Put on those mudding boots

Dig up your disbelief.


Soon you’ll see

Right along with me.


Past these walls of our mind

Is a whole little world

That’s soft and kind


I’ve found myself beneath trees

and enclosed in water

Under the stars and close to hearts


Is the definition you’ll see

When you seek to find

Stress Relief