Why is something so easy as giving and/or showing gratitude so difficult nowadays?  How do you feel when someone thanks you or gives you a gratuitous smile just because?    I remember the “whack” on the back of my head my mom would give my siblings and me when we were growing up  if I didn’t say thank you.  And it was a good whack.  I should have been whacked.

We as a society take advantage of NOT giving proper gratitude.  When was the last time you stopped in your tracks while doing 9 million things and just stopped and said aloud thank you?  You don’t have to be specific as to who you are thanking, you are just taking a deep, calming breath, releasing the air through your mouth, and saying two words.

As someone who is battling cancer, again, you learn very quickly that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE should be thanked.  The things in life prior to my diagnosis no longer have the same meaning.  I am now grateful for waking up every day, the air I breath, the irritating family members, all of the above – including cancer.

When diagnosed with Ovarian cancer  in 2016, and then again in 2020, I could have, and did, have a pity party.  As I began to recover, I no longer wanted to give in to pity.  Instead, I have met some amazing people along this adventure, so in that aspect I thank cancer.  Perspective, I suppose.

Take the time to stop dead in your tracks today and just say “thank you” out loud to no one in particular.  Gratitude should not be given on just one day in November.  It should be as automatic as taking a breath.