You are made of someone’s every hope and dream. The very fiber of your being is constructed by the hope for prosperity of your ancestors. You are designed in divine fashion and are molded of tangible resilience. You, you are someone’s answered prayer. You are your own provider and protector. You are the shot caller. The executive decision maker. You are a success, not just because of all the things you have done right, but because of all the ways you learned from situations gone wrong. And even then, you are victorious. You are gentle, and you are powerful. You are tender and you are edgy. You are a walking contradiction that makes perfect sense with every step. You are melodic and you are music. You are free flowing like water and sturdy like stones.

You are too cool and too cheesy for your own good, but you are regal and elegant in your playfulness. You are the best part of laughing. You are the smile they did not know they needed and the reassurance they did not know they deserved. You are the love that never gets away. You are the spitting image of fun had while time flies and everything you lay eyes on smiles back at you. You are what sleeping soundly through the night feels like. You are as easy going as involuntary breathing. You bring forth what others need and thank them for giving you the opportunity to.

Your heart beats for more than just yourself, but it beats to a rhythm only you can orchestrate. You are the beautiful mosaic of everything you ever thought you lost and in your reflection you find new things to love and lose. You are pure positive energy, even when you are so negative you do not recognize yourself. You are forever kept, forever wanted, forever fulfilled. You are the mission accomplished even though you may have no idea what your mission is.

You, in the midst of all this world has placed on your shoulders and at your feet, have already won the battle. So why not live the victory?