Usually, my favorite conversations start with the word WHERE! Where do you want to go on Vacation? Where is your favorite place to travel to? But, where is the Quality in your Life? Although the definition of Quality of Life is different for everyone, the main thing that determines quality of life is the ability to enjoy everything that life has to offer and to share that with the important people in your life!

The quality in my life is everything I am able to do with my family. Although we make memories every day, the ones that have the most impact are the memories made on our vacations. You build your relationships with your family members on vacations. My husband and I taking our son to Disney World and capturing that moment in a photo when he gazed up at Mickey was epic! We hung that photo on our wall the day we returned from our trip. I hung that photo four years ago and I still look at it every day as I walk pass it. Then there was our trip to Atlantis, where my husband and son swam with the Dolphins! I captured those moments in photos as they played and laughed with the Dolphins. Those photos are also hanging on our wall in our home.

You have quality moments in your life daily! I hope that all the memories my husband and I create with our son helps influence the quality in his life and how he raises his children in the future. They are the quality in my life!

You do not have to travel far to create lasting memories or spend a lot of money to create lasting memories! You just need to get started!

Travel Safe!