Many people have an all or nothing mindset when it comes to health. A single piece of cheesecake can undo our entire week. A missed gym day can squash our workout goals for the month. And a terrible hangover can lead to more unhealthy decisions. 
(Yes, I’m talking to you, fellow Bloody Mary, bacon-egg-and- cheese lover.)

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we focus on what makes us feel good, and stop dwelling on the things that don’t, we can slowly start to create a healthier lifestyle, without waiting for New Years Day, next week, or even tomorrow. 

Imagine for one sweet moment that you have no responsibilities other than your own health and wellness. (Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?)
Now, make a list of all the nutritious, delicious, relaxing, and self-indulgent activities you’d do in a single day. (I.e.: sleep in, enjoy a green smoothie for breakfast, take a Pilates class, dine with a friend, get a facial, go for a swim, meditate, eat whole foods, drink 8 glasses of water, take a nap, listen to music, eliminate sugar, cut out caffeine, take a bubble bath, etc.)

Unfortunately, we can’t live out our ideal day of health and wellness everyday. For example, my day includes making a nutritious dinner for my fiancé and I, going to hot yoga, and reading outside. But realistically, I don’t always have time to cook, my busy work schedule often keeps me from yoga, and New York City weather isn’t always conducive to lounging in the park. (And let’s face it: I’m not perfect.)

But if we make a conscious effort to incorporate at least two items off of our list per day, we can gradually create happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

Whether it’s something as small as drinking eight glasses of water a day, or something that may require more time and effort, like exercising with a friend or trying out a new healthy recipe, we can start to feel better both physically and mentally right now. So brush that week of zumba you missed off your shoulder, forget about that slice (or three) of pizza you ate last night, and start doing what you can, when you can. The time is now!

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