Diets fail.

Ok, so maybe you lost 10 pounds for your wedding, achieved your ideal weight just in time for bathing suit season, or wowed everyone at your college reunion. But what happened afterwards? Did you continue eating healthfully? Or did you get frustrated, lose momentum, slip up, and fall off the wagon?

If you answered yes to the latter, then read on…

Diets often fail when we approach them with the wrong attitude. We let hate and disgust motivate us, rather than love. We focus on what we dislike about our bodies rather than what our bodies deserve.

“I hate my butt.” “My thighs are too big”, “Why can’t I have her body?” “Eat this and be fat forever.” Sound familiar?

Diets, in this way, become a form of punishment. We keep strict calorie counts, compare ourselves to others, bully ourselves into passing up our favorite foods, and beat ourselves up when we don’t. With this kind of negativity, it’s no wonder why so many women “yo-yo”, stray, or give up all together.

However, I’m here to tell you that all it takes is a simple shift in perspective to take that self-deprecating short-term diet and transform it into a delicious and sustainable LIFELONG change.

Instead of letting hate motivate you, let love be your guide…
Ask yourself, “What will make me feel good?” “What will nourish me? “What is good for my body?” “What will energize me?” “What will help me live a long, healthy, and happy life?”

Achieving lasting results isn’t about obsessive calorie counting, punishment, deprivation, or self-loathing. It’s about loving your body and wanting what’s best for it.

When one learns to adopt this mentality, is when the weight will not only come off, but will stay off.

To find delicious and simple ways to love your body and create life-long changes, click below!


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