Being frugal brings up mental images of doing without or making something last just past the point of usefulness.  With the recession in 2008 being frugal came into vogue and more people began open conversations about their spending and more importantly their savings.

Here are some ideas for being frugal that doesn’t take much effort, but can save you big bucks in the long end.

Stop Being a Clothes Horse

Shopping and purchasing in the moment feels so good, then I get home and realize I already have four other white shirts I don’t wear.  Today there are so many sites and stores that help you buy and sell your clothing.  Consider making a bit of money through sites like Thred Up or Posh and visiting your local consignment store.  You can get rid of clothing you don’t need and also put yourself in position to purchase things at a much-reduced cost.

Additionally, capsule wardrobes are popular if you have minimum space or you want to streamline your look.  The idea is that you have 30 to 40 basic items and you have enough to turn them into months of outfits.  Companies like Rent the Runway and Le Tote are getting into renting everyday clothing which can also make sense for big events or help you maintain a budget, but still have new things often.

Free Entertainment

There is free entertainment everywhere if you know the places to look.  Check out your local libraries and visitors bureaus for listing of local events, many free.  This will include speaking events, music, concerts and art.  Also be sure to check out your local museums for discount days and days free to the public (often weekly).  The cost of attending a movie is astonishing and we all know the popcorn is not healthy.  Challenge yourself to a month of finding free entertainment and I bet your horizons will be expanded.

Exercise & Beauty Routines

Your personal care routines can really be an area where there are less expensive alternatives.  Gym memberships and boutique yoga classes are expensive.  Look for apps like Aptiv and others for a much lower cost while maintaining a small class feel.  Running and exercising at parks is also a way to meet friends and cut your budget.  For personal care consider trying out a beauty school where those in training can practice and you get a bargain.  Massage therapy school is also a great way to relax without breaking the bank.

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