It’s important to be grateful for what you have and say thank you, everyone knows that, but let’s talk about why it’s so important. Even though quite often what you have is not what you currently want, at some point you were anticipating having it, so if for no other reason savor it being in your possession. This does not mean wanting more is wrong, in fact, it’s exactly right! A constant attitude of appreciation is necessary to manifest the desires of your heart. Appreciation turns thoughts into things. So when in doubt of where your next “big blessing” is, look at your current circumstance and recognize how days, weeks, months or even years ago, this very moment was a dream of yours that you had hoped to one day live. And look at you! You’re living it!

Nothing is out of your reach as long as you find your balance in appreciation. Try not to let now get away from you wishing on tomorrow or regretting yesterday. Tomorrow is not here yet and yesterday does not serve you. Right now is a humble but brilliant companion, however, only desiring your attention so it can further serve you. Say yes to your present moments, and all the moments in conjunction will start saying yes back to you. Even when you do not enjoy what your present moment feels like, just say okay in acknowledgment, and then look at that, you are in the next moment and can start fresh.

Be perseverant in pursuing the love of yourself. The unconditional admiration of the greater part of you is always present just waiting for you to accept its embrace. It never gets discouraged that you look for love in empty places; it just loves every part of you, even the parts you wish you were not stuck with.

The greater part of you, the God in you, the pure-positive energy of you, knows your heart. It can quote its desires and its intentions, and knows your self-inflicted limitations. It loves you no less because of any of that. It is excited to be one with such a fascinating, hungry, creature who goes out into a physical world and finds something to laugh at, something to smile over, and something to hold on to, even in moments when they feel they cannot trust their own two feet to take them where they need to go. The greater part of you knows everything that lies behind you, within you, and ahead of you. It cares not for the laws and rules of this society, or of the limitations of a time-space reality. All it knows is:

“I am whole. I am complete. I am constantly expanding. There is no good or bad, there is just being. All is well. There is a part of me that is physical, and that part experiences contrast in a world of time and space, but even that segment of me is whole, complete and expanding. Nothing that part or any part of me does or doesn’t do is good or bad. It just is, and in any way that I can provide for that part that is finding its way back to our entirety, I will. I know nothing but love, from love I am sculpted.”

Be not frustrated with where you stand in life right now, as nothing is constant but change.

The perfect orchestration of our lives will involve contrast, which you often call problems, trouble, sickness, or poverty, but it is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is how we grow in greater appreciation for the relationships, circumstances, finances, opportunities, and feelings that compliment who we truly are. Be not afraid of the silence or the darkness. From it comes the welcoming sound and sight of the greater, and greater is always coming.

Take confidence in being backed by an omnipotent and loving entity that is punctual and accurate with its generosity and compassion, its mercy and its grace, its abundance and its protection. And because of this entity expressing itself as a human being, expressing itself as you, you must recognize that you are far more magnificent then you have any grasp of. Walk confidently in the understanding that you customize the world you encounter. While a huge privilege and responsibility, your first order of business is to just say thank you for the world you look around at right now. That thank you will echo deep. From it the fruit of your heart’s desire will be ripe for the picking. Go forth, go bravely, and go joyfully.