Does it take special talent or a mathematical orientation to take care of your Money Matters?

For some of us, we like to take care of our Financial house and our Money Matters, and we have a regimen, a practice that we may do monthly, quarterly or annually to keep our Financial houses, tidy. And for some of us, this practice is one that is “dreaded” and we put it off for as long as we possibly can, where often times, our Financial House may be a bit disorganized, dusty and in need of some TLC. Where does this come from? Do we feel that we are not trained enough? Do we feel that we do not have enough time or knowledge? Or are we just too darn busy to worry about MONEY?

While MONEY is not everything, it certainly, can take good care of YOUThe old saying, “MONEY makes the world ‘round,” should apply to us as well. While MONEY is not everything, it certainly, can take good care of YOU.  So, let’s take care of our MONEY in return.

Developing a health mindset around your Money Matters, must start with simple assessment of where you are and where you want to go to build your Financial House. In that assessment, take an honest look at how you feel about your Money and your willingness to learn and grow as your Money grows. For some of us, Money can cause a feeling of fear, anxiety, frustration or other “negative” emotions, causing our mindset to be negative, and not allow us to take action(s). Those delays or indecisions can cause us to lose out on opportunities to better our financial position.

We have saying for our friends and clients: “Make your Money Work Harder for you than the Other Way Around!” What steps does that take: 1) an honest assessment; 2) a bigger dream; and 3) an action plan that you captain. Being the captain, you may not need to do all of the legwork, and that is where the honest assessment comes in.  If you do not feel that you are the master of global markets and economies, as well a stock or mutual fund picker, don’t fret! However, please take action to make sure that you have your assets, your money, working for you and that you have (a) trusted advocates that will support you as you take this journey to design and build your Financial House.

Your mindset, can evolve, over time with a little coaxing and taking small steps and seeing the benefits of those small steps.

book jacket for Mindset - The New Psychology of SuccessIn her book, “Mindset-The New Psychology of Success,” Dr. Carol Dweck, teaches us how mindset can help us move toward success in life and in any venture. I highly recommend this book as it has helped me both personally, and professionally as we coach and support our financial planning clients in managing their “Money Matters.”

In our work, we have seen the success that businesses, owners, and families can have with a positive and growth mindset, that enables one to look ahead, take action, without looking back.  It takes some positive repetition, so that one action begets another and another. So much so, that in a years’ time, for some who have delayed or put off designing or redesigning their Financial House, they cannot believe the results and the newfound confidence and competence they feel when it comes to Money and their Mindset. We encourage you to take a good look at your Financial House and take positive steps to make your Money Work Harder for You!


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