Using mindset as a tool to keep you moving forward is a ninja trick of contented people.

Your thoughts are a choice. Do you hold on to them and ruminate, or do you let them go without ever really hearing them? A healthy mindset operates somewhere in the middle.

When you realize that your outlook and attitude have a profound effect on your life, you realize you can be in control how you react to each and every event you encounter.

In my ten years of coaching women in fitness and healthy habit building, I can think of plenty of clients who continued to struggle despite my personalized workout and lifestyle plans.

A healthy mindset is a true, deep intrinsic desire to build healthy habits and release ones that do not serve you.I used to be so perplexed by this situation:

They called me. They paid for my services. They showed up for our sessions. They did what I asked (so long as I was standing in front of them).

I knew I was giving good information. I knew I was tailoring workouts and lifestyle advice to each individual client. I knew, I knew my stuff!

So where was the disconnect?

Mindset matters.

Mindset is what gives you full buy-in to what you are doing.

“Readiness to change” is psychology speak for whether or not someone is saying they want to change or they’re just pondering it or they’re really ready to take action. For so many of my clients, their mindset was not aligned with a readiness to change that wanted to take action and sustain new healthy behaviors.

A healthy mindset is a true, deep intrinsic desire to build healthy habits and release ones that do not serve you. A healthy mindset has an understanding that change is painful, difficult, and non-linear. Without this mindset, the best coaching in the world will not deliver what the client seeks.

3 Steps to a Mindset Makeover

  1. What’s your WHY?

Articulate clearly why you are undertaking this project. Whether it is starting off on a new fitness routine or just trying to get through a busy week, state the positives of WHY you are mindfully approaching this task.

So many times we move through our lives out of routine. We don’t have a real connection to what we are doing; we’re just trying to get it all done.

By stating WHY we are doing something, we live more intentionally. This helps keep us focused on what we value. Energy and time are finite resource. Ensuring that your mindset is in the right place by stating your WHY before undertaking a project is essential to spend your resources wisely.

  1. Acknowledge and Release Old Tapes

Like the cassette tape you played over and over again hundreds of times in middle school, so too play the messages in our minds. Often these messages are limiting and hold us back from being our best selves.

When you hear one of these tapes playing in your head, push the pause button to acknowledge it. Take a deep breath, then release the old tape by verbally (out loud!) restating your WHY.

  1. Show Yourself Grace

As women, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We expect perfection.

(This is a good time to practice Step 2! Let’s banish the perfection tape forever!)

Progress is not linear. It does not particularly care about a timeline. So when you are moving through your project and you face a setback, show yourself some grace. I like to put one hand on my belly and one hand on my heart, close my eyes, and take three deep breaths. It’s a quick easy way to re-set myself.

If you are facing a project you didn’t ask for—a divorce, the death of a parent, unsavory coworkers—showing yourself grace is essential. There is a growth opportunity in every situation, even when it is hard to see at first. With a positive mindset focused on your WHY, regular deep breathing, and a little grace, you can see yourself through more contentedly.

Here’s to developing a mindset that supports your growth, health, and well-being.


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