Money is a way to allow us the freedom to do the things we want to do.  I have always enjoyed having money and enjoyed earning it creatively.  I really have had some interesting jobs throughout the years–  Magician’s Assistant, Jazz Dance Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Performing Actress, Professional Fundraiser.

Conservative employment has never been the place where I thrived.  Yes, I’ve had jobs with large companies and had challenges working with the office politics.  I’m sure I am not the only woman who has felt these things.  I point you towards our current #MeTooMovement.

Luckily, I have been able to support my shopping habits.  However, recently I have begun to make sure that when I buy something, I really need and want it.  What a novelty for me!  To think before I buy is a new concept.  I am trying to embrace a new normal and realize that I have too much stuff.

Maybe I have shopped as a way to entertain myself.  One of my new favorite tricks has been to shop online and then leave the site before I actually check out.  This gives me the shopping high and yet I actually haven’t spent any money.  I do love to check out clothes, make-up, books and shoes online.

I don’t need to buy any more clothes, make-up, books or shoes.  I need to go shopping in my own closet and use what I have!  What a creative idea!  I can use my inner creativity and create new outfits by coordinating my existing clothes!  Wow, I can feed my creative juices and save my money!  I love it!!

Streamlining my expenses is another way to keep more money in my piggy bank.  Making a written list of everything that I owed in a month or what money I spent helped me to put more money in my savings account.

Also, I have started using cash for my everyday purchases, such as a magazine or a coca-cola.  This helps me to not overspend on items I don’t really need.  By actually counting the money out and handing it to the clerk, it lets me literally see how much money I am spending.  This encourages me to be more in the moment and conscious of exactly what I am spending.

Having a savings account and watching it grow is great.  This allows me to know exactly where my money will be for my future.  And that is a fantastic feeling!!  Now that’s taking money matters into my own hands!