Midwinter signals the year is ending and has us face a transition.  It gives us pause—to walk in the woods or sit by the fire—to take stock of the past year, rest with a long winter’s nap and then begin dreaming for the New Year.  We may also have to face our fears of ‘letting go’…


‘Let Go’ by:

  • Closing the Door… end the year by reviewing your high points and low points. Send out final invoices if you have a business, celebrate successes and thank your clients. Take inventory and relish throwing out files you can. Cleaning out your office or home and making space for the new can remove the cobwebs in your mind, as well. You may be ready to put a past identity, job or career behind you or missteps in your relationships or life. Take a moment to honor the memories and lessons learned in 2017 and then say ‘good-bye!’ You may feel a little sad or sentimental—with relief and freedom.
  • Walking the Hallway… of ambiguity and the unknown may truly resemble a season of in-between, and like you are walking down a dark hallway, alone. Rather than fear it, embrace it as a time of rest and reflection and ‘go inward.’  Journal by the fire.  Snuggle with the pups, a blanket and a cup of tea on the sofa to ‘be’ and not ‘do.’ Watch a favorite movie or read those magazines that have stacked up on the coffee table all year long.  If you get inspired, cook a new recipe or write a letter to a friend.  ‘Let go’ of pressing professional pursuits and take advantage of winter break to daydream and wonder.
  • Opening New Doors… catch a glimpse of new possibilities emerging and approach the door at the end of that hallway. When you open that door, you may feel both excitement and anxiety—and fears or self-doubt. Deep breathing, meditation, and positive self-talk can help you to be calm and centered.  Surrounding yourself with friends and cheerleaders can help you summon the courage to face your fears… and leap!   This mid-winter season, find a different niche, a new rhythm and a renewed perspective.


Leverage your mid-winter transitions to ‘let go’ of the past and begin a new journey!